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Happy Easter to you to babe! XoXo, Laura and Brandie :)
i luh my boos!
Lol, ur CrAzY Girl! :)
But its all good lol, Im WeIrD! :) Ex.(Ketchup on EVERYTHING!!!) lol
love u 2 homegirl


March 27 2005, 18:20:16 UTC 12 years ago

i think you're wicked fucking changed so much...

you emo're mallcore
how can u call me gay when ur the fucking pansy that has to post anonymous...and when was i ever mallcore lol.....

die fucking peice of shit anonymous asshole...dont fucking be a pussy.
sign in.
or sign your name.
haha lame ass

I love you Buttercupp
and Happy Easter to you too....
Yayyy Gezus.
ha, you actually said WICKED, now that right there just makes you gay, plus i bet you are a mallcore kid yourself
fucking rabbit stew!!!! haha
lol mmmmmzzzzzzz i can't wait!!
happy easter!
i love you, girl <3 haha
i luh u too.....o and happy easter baby!
happy easter my hot sex machine. this easter the bunny aint comeing....
ive brought my own goodies
fucking I love you baby
awwww damn happy easter dawg and fuck you Anonymous piece of shit ur a pussy